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persuasive essay on drugs essay college argument essay topics easy argumentative essay. Classified x essay Learn Classified Papers and Free Online Posting and Sites For Job Searching Sites For Job Searching that Looking For Job In Ny and What Are The Best Ways To Advertise. Persuasive writing: Oreo Overview: This is a graphic organizer that teaches students how to write persuasively and also teaches students how to write their opinion on paper.

Transcript of OREO Method of Persuasive Writing. R. E. O. When you are writing about your opinion on any issue, the O. R. E. O. method is a good way to organize your thoughts. " O" is for Opinion State the opinion that you have Oct 25, 2017  Write a persuasive essay using this structured exercise! Hook your students with this cookiethemed activity that will teach the basics of strong persuasive writing.

Using the prompt provided, they will argue their Oreo Cookies Persuasive Essays. Oreo Cookie Products Nabisco is a company that has been in existents since 1898. During their 109 years in existence, they have grown through natural growth, mergers, and acquisitions. This has allowed Nabisco to be the leading snack maker in the world.

You are going to use an OREO worksheet to create your own persuasive piece of writing. Persuasive essay oreo shouldn't have homework.

Think of a reason why you believe school should or shouldn't be optional. Have students complete this graphic organizer before starting their persuasive writing. It follows the OREO format (Opinion, Reason, Examples, Opinion).

Enjoy! 67, 329 Downloads. Persuasive Writing Graphic Organizer (OREO) Subject. Writing. Grade Levels. 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd. Resource Type. Oct 23, 2011 The persuasive essay is one of the essays I have to teach to my college students so I'm going to use this idea and bring some mini Oreos. Even tho' they are older, they still enjoy something" different" .