How to write on copper plant tags

The copper plant markers are good looking and larger than most plant markers. However, difficult to get plant names on the copper plate. The suggestion to scratch on with a ball point pen does not work. Copper WriteOn Tags with eyelets. Can be" engraved" with a ballpoint pen, pencil or any pointed object.

Size: 34" high x 334" long Use to identify Plants, Trees, etc. Sep 18, 2009 The pros and cons of metal plant tags. Hello all. Here's Maria's dilemma. I hate plastic tags.

Hate them with a passion. you need three men and a barking dog to write on the damn things. (b) They are hard to read when new and shiny and damn near impossible to read when they start to corrode.

Tags: copper, labels, metal, plant, tags Know What You Grow with Our Copper Plant Markers. Mark the locations and names of plants and bulbs in garden; Soft copper nameplate is easy to emboss with ballpoint pen Place the copper shapes on a soft pad (such as a dish towel) and write plant names with a blunt pencil. Use a black paint marker to write within the indents, making the names more prominent.

Decorate the edges if desired. Once you have cut the shape from the copper sheet, if necessary, place the copper piece on a flat surface and use a rolling pin to flatten it. Then, using a pencil with a blunt tip, write plant names on copper foil. Blank copper tags for plants that you can write on with a marker. Fast delivery and friendly service for ALL types of tags! The Vigoro copper plant labels are a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any flower, herb, or vegetable garden.

With a large writing surface made from real copper, these labels have the benefit of being long lasting so it can be used the entire season. The labels wont blow away in the wind, get ruined by rain or quickly degrade in the soil. Oct 28, 2017 I have been making my own labels by buying blue anodized metal tags from Gemplers online catalog (8 cents per tag in boxes of 100), using an engraving tool (18.

00) to engrave the plant name, source, and date planted onto the metal tag.