If i ever be a unicorn essay

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were a mythical creature? Well, one day when I was super bored, I did. This is a list of ten things I would do if I were a ( insert mythical creature here) with a funny explanation to go with. Are Unicorns a Myth or Reality? The Unicorn is a particularly beautiful creature once widespread throughout the northern hemisphere. Known under different names in different countries, it is now popularly known by its Latin appellation deriving from A unicorn's horn is white, silver, or golden in color, is about two to three feet in length, and is said to have special healing powers.

Throughout time, there have been many varied descriptions of the unicorn. This is a essay about unicorns Essay Sample. Imagine yourself sitting in a field having a picnic, then, all of a sudden a big white horse comes up to you, but, then you notice the big horn coming out of its head and you know it is a Unicorn. Jan 21, 2008  The Last Unicorn Essay analysis The Last Unicorn is a fairy tale in every sense of the word, with a richly painted canvas full of broad, profound strokes about people and growth and heroes and happilyeverafters, but also filled in with countless carefully depicted details, little flourishes that accent the main aspects of Unicorn Essay Examples.

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1, 803 words. 4 pages. The Chinese name for the unicorn was Kilin, to them, the Unicorn was a symbol of wisdom. In the past Unicorns have appeared in many different writings, in the Ancient Greeks, the Chinese, and today. According to all of these legends the Unicorn has many different physical and personal traits.

The Last Unicorn The story begins in a lilac wood with two hunters discussing the disappearance of unicorns from the world. One is convinced that one unicorn still exists in the woods that they are hunting in, due to the seemingly magical properties of the forest; and warns her to stay in her forest to protect herself because she is the last