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10 Social Work Resume Templates Social work, despite the lack of attention it deserves, is a noble profession of helping individuals, families, and communities to improve their wellbeing. It does so by developing the individual skills inside a community to resolve problems. Social Work Resume (Text Format) MSW with 5 years of experience in serving the community, resolving conflicts, and providing guidance for those in need. Dedicated to training in domestic violence, adolescent and children needs.

Jun 07, 2017 Help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives by creating a standout social work resume. Social workers are employed in a variety of settings, so be sure to include relevant experience working in mental health clinics, schools, human service agencies, hospitals, and other environments. Your resume needs to showcase your immense compassion, communicative skills, and passion for advocacy in addition to your impressive work history. Use these expertly written social worker resume samples and professional View the sample resume for a social worker below, and download the social worker resume template in Word.

Jobs for social workers are projected to grow by 16 (or 109, 700 jobs) from 2016 through 2026, which is much faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Lets look at sample resumes from three different social workers: one just starting out, one clinical social worker, and a child and family social worker. First up is Jason, who just graduated from school and is looking for his first fulltime job as a social worker. Medical social worker resumes are used by medical practitioners who would like to immerse in social work programs that concern public health, hygiene, and medical assistance.

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