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Alright fellow Typophiles, what are your favorite quotes from famous type designers. Can't tell you why, it is a surprise. However, we could also put these in the wiki. Eric Gill, An Essay on Typography, 1936. Top. Log in or register to post comments; 5 July 2005 12: 42pm# 38. Vincent Connare. Offline 4 quotes from Eric Gill: 'The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist. 'Look after goodness and truth, beauty will look after herself.

and 'The free man does what he likes in his working time and in his spare time what is required of him. The slave does what he is obliged to do in his working time and what An Essay on Typography, p.

121, David R. Godine Publisher 14 Copy quote The value of the creative faculty derives from the fact that faculty is the primary mark of man. AN ESSAY ON TYPOGRAPHY BY ERIC GILL Contents: Composition of Time& Place i Lettering 23 Typography 39 Punchcutting 75 Of Paper and Ink 81 The Procrustean Bed 88 The Instrument 93 The Book 103 But Why Lettering? 119.

An Essay on Typography. TYPOGRAPHY. This is Eric Gills memorable and engagingly dogmatic work on unchecked commercialism, moral living oh, and on typographic design too. An Essay on Typography is where Gill firmly established what he believed type design should be, what it should do, and how it should be done. Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form, and thus with an independent existence.

Its heartwood is calligraphy the dance, on a tiny stage, of the living, speaking hand and its roots reach into living soil, though its branches may be hung each year with new machines. An Essay on Typography is a 1931 book by Eric Gill about the history of typographical art and production, and its state in the 1930s when Gill was writing.

Humane typography in the digital age a day in a life of a designer An Essay on Typography by Eric Gill takes the reader back to the year 1930.