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The Wady Gharby Dendur (Dandour) Temple Dandour by Francois Gau 1822 Dendur Temple was built about 15 B. C. by order of the Roman Emperor Augustus, considered Pharaoh of Egypt. The Temple of Dendur originated from the west bank of the Nile River in Egypt.

Although the temple was built under the rule of the Roman emperor Augustine around 15 BCE, the temple is still referred to as Egyptian' because it possesses many traits and elements of a typical Egyptian Temple. Walk around and into the temple. Think about what you learned in terms of elements of ancient Egyptian buildings, sculptureimages that we have seendiscussed in class.

While you analyze the temple, make references to worksconcepts in ancient Egyptian buildingsart that we have discussed in class. The composition of the Temple of Dendur, is remarkably easy for the eye to follow: Instinctively, the eye takes in the entrance portal and is" lead" by the design of the building's back to the rear room, where prayer is believed to have taken place. The Temple of Dendur is the popular temple in Egypt and the designing was excellently provided.

The Temple of Dendur is the highlight of Metropolitan Museum. The bases of the temple were carvings and the lotus plants seem to go the ground water and they are symbolised by Nile god hapy. The Temple of Dendur is a modestlysized temple which represents a type of Egyptian architecture developed over thousands of years. The temple is composed of two structures, a pylon or monumental gateway entrance, and a multiroomed hall.

Temple of Dendur One of the most remarkable pieces of art that I came across during the very first museum visit was that of the Temple of Dendur. It was the very fist day of our class where we visited and explored the Egyptian exhibit The Temple of Dendur: Celebrating 50 Years at The Met On April 28, 1967, United States President Lyndon B.

Johnson awarded an ancient Egyptian temple built in the first century B. C. a gift from Egypt to the United Statesto The The Temple of Dendur was built by Petronius, the Roman governor of Egypt more than three millennia ago.

The temple was dedicated to ancient deities Isis, Osiris, Pihor and Pediese. It was Emperor Augustus of Rome who commissioned this grand project. Temple of Dendur essay, buy custom Temple of Dendur essay paper cheap, Temple of Dendur essay paper sample, Temple of Dendur essay sample service online. Among the relics found, the temple of Dendur is one of them and is the focus of my work.

Although the temple is small compared to temples like the Dendera or the