Essay on facebook and students

Keeping in touch with family and friends Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends that live far away. With instant messaging and even video chat, Facebook is the perfect place to stay connected. The Impact of Facebook on Students' Academic Performance Essay 1683 Words 7 Pages Facebook is one of the most famous social networking websites which has become a part of the daily routine for most college students. Facebook is an account which can help everyone to connect with different people from anywhere in the world, include the students.

It will improve their knowledge about other places, customs and cultures. Facebook is a social website which is used to remain connected to other people. Facebook was introduced in 2004 and in its 6 years it has crossed more than 6 million users at present time. Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Essay for Students shoaibraza134 November 19, 2017 Social Media 1 Comment 52, 098 Views Facebook have both advantages and disadvantages, this is the complete essay for students in points about all the pros, cons, drawback and uses of Facebook.

Students Essay Contest. 480 likes. Korean Cultural Centre, Embassy of Korea has launched Essay Writing Competition. Cash Prizes of Rs 1, 38, 000 Facebook's Positive Impact on Performance in Academic Life Essay Nowadays, each country has access to the Internet.

Social networking websites are the most common websites that are currently visited by people. Impact Of Facebook On Students Academic Performance Commerce Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: A descriptive research was used for study Impact of Facebook on studentsacademic performance. A survey approach was chosen to gather information from students of Ahmedabad.

Among the students, facebook is the Introduction. Facebook is a social is a social network service which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004.

This is the most commonly used website with over 600million active users according to the report given in January 2011. Hence, Facebook can be a useful tool for those who need to receive operational and fresh information. At the same time, Facebook is known to be a factor that distorts ones perception of reality, declines the satisfaction of ones life and personality, and negatively affects relationships between people.