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Sample GAMSAT Section 2 Essays on Wisdom. Being wise and being knowledgeable are two human qualities that are often pitted against each other. Usually, the former is deemed to be independent of time or age while the latter is something that is accumulated over time.

The ideas in the essay show depth of understanding, as Fr om: AceGAMSAT Re: GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Writing GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Writing. GAMSAT Section 2 Essay Writing Part 1. Getting your head in the game: Understanding and approaching Section II of the GAMSAT What is asked of me in Section II of the GAMSAT?. Section II of the GAMSAT asks students to compose Students who are wellread and have a better understanding of the diverse range of issues that impact nations, societies and human beings produce stronger GAMSAT essays.

Yes, there is a wealth of relevant information readily available on the internet. Re: GAMSAT Essay Topics. GAMSAT essay topics are usually abstractions taking the form of a famous quote, controversial statement or witty idea.

As you most likely know: Task A of the GAMSAT essay topics is most likely contentious, argumentative and critical which asks you to write for or against the proposition. May 01, 2011 The role of technology should be to improve human life, but not to affect human values. A business's main purpose should be to make profit. Youth and innovation are sometimes more beneficial in politics than are age and experience.

Additionally, students receive access to a library of GAMSAT essays written by students who have achieved 80 in the exam. Through the GAMSAT essay examples Masters Collection (GAMSAT sample essays), students gain deeper knowledge of the essay topics, and also excellent insights into application of the essay structure. Dec 21, 2013 Sample Corrected Writing Task A Read the following statements and write a response to any one or more of the ideas presented. Your essay will be evaluated on the value of your thoughts on the theme, logical organisation of content, and effective articulation of your key points.