Its okay to be different essay forms

It depends on how formal you wish to take the essay. Humans have a wide range of interests and hobbies; we read different books, play different sports, engage in different conversations, and ultimately posses different convictions.

You can follow a different path from your parents if you so choose. Dont allow yourself to be pigeonholed by family or family tradition. Have your own opinions and views. It is okay to be different. It is a great thing! Whether its your race or how you dress, you never have to follow the trend. Its terrible that people will make fun of someone for being unique. I hope that the next time your friends or someone you know bullies someone, you will stand up and say something because this is not okay at all.

It Is Okay To Be Different. I believe that it is okay to be different because if everyone was all the same it would be very boring. Every day at school I see kids who are doing stuff out of the ordinary, or different, who are okay with being different. Being different is good! It doesn't matter what or who you arethose who are different are those who change and shape the world.

No two people are ever exactly the same. Truth is, it's absolutely okay to be different to the rest of the world, in fact it's actually a good thing. Here's why. People can commonly be uncomfortable if they don't do things that society says they're 'meant to Truth Its okay to be different essay forms, it's absolutely okay to be different to the rest of the world, in fact it's actually a good thing.

To prove that you're just as human as they are! But it is unique to be different. When all have the same opinion you have their own unique views. When all looking in one direction, you turn in a completely different and surprise everyone with current and interesting ways in your different way of thinking.

Its Okay To Be refers to a snowclone popular on Twitter in which a person says Its okay to be several different types of races, sexualities, gender expressions, etc.and ends with but its NOT okay be something humorous, often a Growing up looking different from my friends and family is all I have ever known. Fourteen years ago, at age 4, I was diagnosed with Crouzon Syndrome and have been treated by the Craniofacial Okay, this is a heavily abridged version because I don't have the essay nearby, but you can see how I never referred to the essay itself or promised that I would explain further because it's implicitly expected because there were