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Compare Polar bear vs grizzly bear In last post, I did comparison of Polar bear vs wolverine but now I am going to compare Grizzly bear vs Polar. By going through the detailed comparison, you can also know difference between them. Free Essay on the Polar Bear Uploaded by msnarayana on Oct 14, 2012. Polar bears live only in the northern Arctic where they spend most of their time on ice floes. For the polar bear, which is a non replaceable symbol of the Arctic, climate change could cause extinction of polar bears.

Temperatures in the Arctic are increasing at almost twice the rate as the rest of the world. SPECIES Ursus Maritimus, Polar Bear, lord of the Arctic. Lives in an area of five million square miles of snow and ice. From Siberia to Alaska and across Canada, Greenland and the Islands north of Norway, he is the master of all living things except man.

This drastic decline in the polar bear is occurring in our lifetime, which is but a miniscule fraction of the time polar bears have explored the vast Arctic seas (National Wildlife Federation, 2014). Unfortunately, that is the polar bear (Defenders of Wildlife, 2013). The intention of this paper is to compare these thesis and determine the most appropriate in relation this event. According to Lamarcks theory, features can be strengthened or rid of completely through use or disuse over generations.

polar bears Essay. Polar bears in the Arctic are tremendously affected by pollution now. As global warming progresses, wind and water currents carry pollutants, most of which come from industrial sources in different parts of the world, and cause them to travel to the Arctic because of the conveyor belt nature of the atmosphere and ocean (Yarim Polar bears inhabit the circumpolar arctic regions. They live near their primary food source in the ice packs of the artic.

The bears inhabit the circumpolar North, which would consist of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, and other regions in the artic.

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