Best places to put your resume online

Jun 26, 2017 Research different resume posting services to find the best one for you. Some sites send your resume out by email to employers and recruiters, some sites fax your resume to employers, and others actually post your resume online as if you had done it yourself.

You may want to use one or more of these types of services. The Best Places to Post Your Resume Online. ResumeRobin Massive distribution for just 25.

Try it now! Dice The place to go for tech jobs. Indeed. com The biggest job search engine. LinkedIn Make sure your profile matches your resume. ZipRecruiter A major upandcomer in job search. CareerBuilder Highly visited job board with full The best sites for job seekers are to post a resume or candidate profile online, plus tips and advice on what to do and whavoid when posting your resume.

Once these above mentioned tips have been considered, you need to frame your resume to fit into the criterias of the selected job portals. Let us first shortlist some of the job portals one can find it best to place the resume. Among its many features, WP Resume supports multiple resumes (on the same page or each on their own page), follows best practices in resume layout and design (click here to see an example), drag and drop ordering of resume elements, complete integration with your theme, and allows output as plain text for pasting into job applications.

There is no bad place to post (your resume), he said. (You just) never know where that golden contact is going to come from. Others, including Susan P. Joyce, an online jobsearch expert, urge job seekers to be more selective.