Man is a social animal essay

Man is a social animal, we cannot live alone, and we thrive in an environment that allows us to interact, communicate and build lasting relationships with other people (Michener and DeLamater, 1999). Man is a social animal, said Aristotle years ago, human races proved and realized the importance of his statement by the passage of time. Individuals live in groups and can not separate themselves from being part of a group. Man is a social animal.

Firstly, branding a man a social animal is befitting. Our physical appearance is very close to some other animals. We have a very close relation to other primates like chimpanzees genetically.

The major difference between humans and other animals such as chimpanzees is the size and complexity of our brain. Man like Robinson Crusoe can never develop his personality, language, culture and inner deep by living outside the society. The statement that a man is a social animal implies that man cannot live without society. Society is indispensable for him. He needs society as matter of nature, necessity and for his well being. Short Essay on Man is a Social Animal No man normally lives alone.

Man does not live in isolation for a long time. He is basically a social creature. The great Greek Philosophermoe said long back that man is a social animal [Zoon, Politikon. He further remarked that he who does, not live in society is either a beast or an angel.

Hence it shows that man is social by nature. This social nature is not superimposed on him or added to him rather it is inborn. (B) Necessity makes Man a Social Animal: Man is a social animal not only by nature but also by necessity. It is said that needs and necessities makes man social. Man has many needs and necessities. Man Is a Social Animal. The first time when man was defined as a social animal was back in the ancient times. Aristotle wrote in his Politics: Hence it is evident that the state is a creation of nature and that man by nature is a political animal.

Political here can be interpreted as social due to the meaning of the Greek word politikos, which meant the Man is a social animal Essay Sample. The history of mankind is the history of evolving societies, civilizations and nations. These are the various levels of groups a person exists as a citizen of, where he cooperates with others to fulfil and increase his own needs and potential and therefore developing that group as a whole.

Actually, man is by nature and necessity, a social animal, man cannot survive in the absence of society. Society is indispensable for human race. Professor Park says, " Man is not born human but to be made human".

Human beings as social animals relying upon learning, produce an accumulation of culture, through the transmission of knowledge and attitudes and a system of arbitrary symbols. In a society, man is social animal who depends on other members of the society in every field of life.