Melody dominated homophony music definition essay

The definition of music is defined in many ways; Websters definition is as follows an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, or harmony. There are many theories regarding when and where music formed. Many agree that music began even before man existed. Define Melody dominated homophony.

Melody dominated homophony synonyms, Melody dominated homophony pronunciation, Melody dominated homophony translation, English dictionary definition of Melody dominated homophony. In music, homophony (pron. : hmfni; Greek:homphnos, from, homs, " same" and, phn, " sound, tone" ) is a texture in which two or more parts move together in harmony, the relationship between them creating chords. Melody can stand alone with itself, it is what catches the listeners attention the most, but the addition of harmony to the piece makes the music more detailed.

Even though most of the textures are of melodies alone, homophony is a Mar 16, 2011 Best Answer: Homophony (as opposed to polyphony where there is more than one interesting melody) is where all parts move together in rhythmic unison, and only one part usually the highest has melodic interest.

If it is melodydominated, it clearly has a melody which is the main point of the music, with Related to Melody dominated homophony: Homophonic texture homophony (hmfn), species of musical ensemble texture in which all voice parts move more or less to the same rhythm, in which a listener tends to hear the highest voice as the melody and the lower voices as its accompaniment.

However, in melodydominated homophony, one voice, often the highest, plays a distinct melody, and the accompanying voices work together to articulate an underlying harmony. Initially, in Ancient Greece, homophony indicated music in which a single melody is performed by two or more voices in unison or octaves, i.

e. monophony with multiple What is monophony, polyphony, homophony, monody etc. ? The terms monophony and polyphony have very straightforward literal meanings. Monophony means music with a single" part" and a" part" typically means a single vocal melody, but it could mean a single melody on an instrument of one kind or another.