Lying about my education on my resume

Lying on your resume can land you in jail, get you fired, or leave you without legal recourse against an employer. Next time youre tempted to add a bit of harmless resume padding, ask yourself if its really worth it.

Jan 31, 2015 The Truth About Lying On Your Resume. Most of the resume lies I've seen have to do with education, but sometimes people would lie about their work history, too. People forget dates, and I Better bet: Instead of fudging your academic credentials, think about what you can add to your resume to demonstrate your education.

Other professional development, honors or awards, and extra coursework might be relevant, says Isaacs. 3 easy ways to avoid lying on your resume.

Stay honest. It sounds clich, but honesty really is the best Job Applications: Is It OK to Lie Just a Little About Education on My Resume? Its tempting to lie on your resume or job application.

I mean whos really going to know about where you got your degree or how much education you have? Home Job Search Resume What To Do If Youve Lied On Your Resume. Resume. March 9, 2016 Danni MacDonald 2. What To Do If Youve Lied On Your Resume 2.

more. now viewing. Canada, for example, was fired over 10 years after he was hired purely for lying about completing his education. Marilee Jones was an ambitious academic