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The" Third World" countries all have similar characteristics such as, high birth rates, poverty, high infant morality, high death rates, short life expectancy and dependence on the more advanced countries or" first world".

Third World Short Story as National Allegory Third World Short Story as National Allegory Fredric Jameson's 1986 essay" ThirdWorld Literature in an Era of Multinational Capitalism, " declares that unlike the literatures of the First World, Third World Literatures are necessarily national allegories. Helping third world countries essay This idea has given light to many third world countries but even in the first world free indoor. Conformity essays. Help me do my essay third world durdgereport web fc com.

Free essays, research papers, term papers, and other writings on literature, science, history, politics, and more. Third world countries can be defined as the nations that are economically, socially and politically unstable, and therefore, depend on other more developed countries.

1. The forerunner of the United Nations (UN) was the League of Nations, an organization conceived in similar circumstances during World War 1, and established in 1919 under the treaty of Versailles to promote international cooperation and to The third world countries are facing several disasters, which have been a cause in naming them" Third World Countries". Despite the fact that the UAE is one of the third world countries, it has overcome several problems.

But the rest of the countries, primarily in Africa have serious problems that