How to write luck in chinese

When I view the page with Google chrome, all Chinese characters are corrupted. Do I have to add something in HTML page?

Stack Overflow new. how to display chinese character in HTML. Ask Question. up vote 7 down vote favorite. Display chinese character in HTML file. 0. The most commonly used are hoyngood luckxngyn good fortune, good luck, luckyand f good luck, good fortune, blessing, happiness. The phrase" good luck" in Chinese is often used to bring in the New Year, or to wish someone well on exams, job interviews, etc.

How to Say Wish You Success in Chinese 6. pinyin. zh n chng gng literal. wish you success liberal. wish you success literally means wish you success in Chinese. This expression does not specify" wish you success 'in what field' or'on what aspectso it's okay to say for a lot of situations, a very common Mandarin Chinese: The Rough Guide Phrasebook A well organised and useful phrasebook.

Very useful for a business traveler or tourist. It has a dictionary of words and phrases with Chinese mandarin and characters as well as a shorter pinyin to English guide. This is followed by dialogue suggestions for common encounters: shopping, Chinese Writing: Good Fortune characters, learn how to write them stroke by stroke and make your own Chinese New Year Banner Making Chinese New Year Banners, draw your own good luck messages: Happy Chinese New Year.

Happy New Year. Peace and Safety Wishes. Good Fortune. Prosperity. Learning Chinese and Chinese Writing In simplified mandarin, good luck is usually said as wish you good luck, which is: Pronounced zh n ho yn What do Chinese write on?