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University of Berkeley 56 page job and internship guide which includes a resume and letter writing guide with resume dos and donts, along with 9 sample resumes and cover letters. Pepperdine University 6 PDF sample resumes for MFT and psychology in both functional and chronological formats. Writing Tips for an Internship Resume 1.

Express your Relevant Traits and Abilities in the Career Objective. Every great resume needs a hook. Job seekers have a variety of options when it comes to starting a resume, but for students, Resume writing internship career objective is often the most effective. Internship resumes can include high school information, relevant courses, activities, volunteer experiences, etc.but by your senior year of college, it is best to have experiences that include relevant college data such as Mar 10, 2017  As you complete internships, youll add them to your experience section as jobs.

Thats the main difference between an undergraduate student internship resume and a student resume upon graduation. Even if you're writing a first time internship resume, you can always jazz up your experience section. RESUME TIP# 1 Targeting a rsum means that you finetune your resume to include keywords from the job ad and reword each section to show how your experiences and accomplishments make you a great candidate.

First, the good: Kaitlyns resume is short, which an internship resume should be (one page, max). The notsogood: Kaitlyns resume is unfocused and unspecific, and its missing key information.