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My Ideal School Essay from best writers of Artscolumbia Largest assortment of free essays Find what you need here! For me, technology in the ideal school plays a supporting role and it is a vital one, since my dream school relies on it to work, but it is still only there as a means to support the growth and flourishing of our students.

Education and My Ideal School essays" If the children are untaught, their ignorance and vices will in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences than it would have done in their correction by a good education. " Thomas Jefferson This quote by Thomas Jefferson implies that there is no free Essay on an Ideal School.

Article shared by. Introduction: Students are trained in the school as the future citizens of the country. Unless the schools are ideal the country cannot get ideal citizens. Let us know what an ideal school is. My ideal school would be communicationbased, blending aspects of social work, conflict resolution, team building, and traditional learning. Classes would be limited to fifteen students, a size small enough to allow individual attention but large enough to furnish the feeling of belonging to a group.

1 MY IDEAL SCHOOL School is an institution for educating children. There are institution for teaching a particular subject such as art school and secretarial school. In Malaysia, there are four types of school, the Chinese stream school, the Tamil stream school, the national school and the Arabic school.

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