Adding security clearance to resume

RESUME DO's AND DON'Ts You may: 1. Limit your resume to the recommended one or two pages. Include any other clearance information. In general, use NSACSS infrastructure information revealing strength, budget as an external resume.

An external resume should be a document prepared How can the answer be improved? Is it Acceptable to List Clearance Level on a Resume? Clearance Q& A Listing your clearance level on your resume is perfectly okay, but its important to keep in mind that public networking sites are just that public. Type" Clearance" and type either" Yes" if you have security clearance or" NA" if you do not. Do not include the type or level of security clearance on your resume. Dec 21, 2010 On my last resume, I listed mine in the first paragraph entitled" Personal Profile and Qualifications Summary".

It was the last statement that simply said" Secret Security Clearance Holder". It makes sense, right? You want to find a job and know that your security clearance can help you. Why would this be a problem? The issue comes from the fact that you are letting the world know that you have a Top Secret security clearance, because anyone can find your resume on those job sites.

Dont list your exact level of security clearance in a resume you post to an online database. Never inflate your claims about your level of clearance, even if youre being vague about details. On a federal resume, list your righttowork info and clearance (yes or no only) at the top.

Resume; Security Resume; Security Clearance Resume; A security clearance personnel is an individual, who authorizes classified information and restricted area access to individuals on the basis of the job title or an extensive background check. A security clearance officer needs to determine whether the person requesting access truly