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Learn more about Ronald Zarrella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bausch& Lomb, Inc. including contact information, career history, news and intelligence. Oct 19, 2002 Ronald L Zarrella, chief executive of eye care products maker Bausch& Lomb, admits to falsifying academic credentials on his resume; was appointed to job less than one year ago; company's board Other highprofile figures stung by resume fraud in include Ronald Zarrella, CEO at Bausch& Lomb, and Ken Lonchar, chief financial officer at Veritas Software (now Symantec), who were caught lying about having MBAs.

Yahoo CEO Not Alone: 7 Execs Busted for Resume Lies Proofreading image via Shutterstock Lying on his resume cost Bausch& Lomb CEO Ronald Zarrella more than a Zarrella was forced to forgo Oct 21, 2002 Perhaps a fulltime proofreader should be put on retainer: The" incorrect information" also appeared on Zarrella's resume when he was hired by General Motors in 1994.

Bausch& Lomb shares dropped Ronald Zarrella. Reuters Ronald Zarrella had to give up his 1 million bonus in 2002 when it was revealed that he never received his MBA from NYU like he claimed. May 14, 2012 They include Ronald Zarrella, career counselors and resume writing services inadvertently encourage cheating when the advise workers to" market" or" position" or" brand" themselves in a way 10 Executives Who Lied On Their Resumes And 2 Who Got Away With It Ronald Zarrella, Bausch& Lomb.

Title: He blamed the inaccuracies on resume padding from earlier in his career, which 5 honchos who lied on their rsums. By Marketwatch Eye health productmaker Bausch& Lombs nowretired CEO Ronald Zarrella told people that he had an M. B. A. from New York University With resume lies on the rise, here's a roundup of some of the highest profile rogue execs who've fibbed about their bios.

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