Cliche topics for college essay

4 Clichd College Essay Topics to Avoid. Hannah Richman. November 21, 2014 at 12: 00am. I wrote my college essay about the organization I help found for suicide awareness after my friend unfortunately committed suicide, says Hannah, a senior from Hofstra University. cliches. applying to college. Cliche topics for college essay you do choose to write about a sports topic, Schofer recommends" an essay that debates the merits of the baseball's infield fly rule or a descriptive essay of your warmup routine.

" 7. Talking about your role model. The college application essay is not the ideal forum to confess all of your past crimes, failures, and misdeeds.

This seems like common sense, but a surprisingly large number of students do this every year. Should You Write About a Cliche Topic for Your College Application Essay? If you are just starting brainstorming ideas for your college application essays, one of the first pieces of advice you might stumble upon is to avoid cliche topics. Jul 22, 2017  9 College Essay Topics Everyones Tired of Reading About. So without further ado, here are the nine college essay topics to steer away from and why.

1. The Immigrant Essay The Straight Up Cliche Essay. There are many topics that are way overdone besides the ones listed above. Some examples of what I mean: Very few topics are literally and utterly unique, untouched by humans' pencils. But a good writer can shed new light on even the tritest topic, and in The 3 Most Common College Essay Topic Clichs and How to Cure Them The average admissions officer reviews over 1, 000 applications per admissions cycle, enduring a host of hackneyed college essay topics and combatting the urge to groan at the cliched treatment of usualsuspect topics that reveal little to no information about the student Easier said than done.

), but at the end of the day, the college essay is the best way to show your top schools what youre all about, so the key is to be unique. Check out the easiest ways to avoid the seven worst college app clichs.