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The Redfern Park Speech, given by former Australian prime minister Paul Keating on December 10 1992, was a speech worth fighting for. It captured harsh truths about Australian history; it used Keating supported this notion and delivered the Redfern Speech in December 1992, apologising for the wrongdoings of white society and recognising Aboriginal rights. This was a significant moment and is still recognised today because it was the first time in Australian history that the government attempted to reconcile the The ideal of racial equality through mutual understanding becomes evident to the reader throughout Paul Keatings Redfern Speech, said on 10 December 1992 as he challenged the Australian nation to reconcile with the Indigenous Australians.

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Are there any tips, advice or general idea on the speech? The Redfern Park speech, delivered by Paul Keating on 10 December 1992, remains an especially brilliant oratorical moment, especially given the context in which it was performed. It managed to capture in explicit terms some harsh truths about Australian history, and to use them as a basis for Jan 05, 2016  Band 56 Crucible Mega Essay Blackfish.

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Henceforth, Paul Keatings Redfern Speech and Gabriella Cowpathwaithes documentary, Transcript Redfern Speech (Year for the World's Indigenous People) Delivered in Redfern Park by Prime Minister Paul Keating, 10 December 1992 PAUL KEATING Redfern Speech CONTEXT" It was we who did the dispossessing.

We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life.