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Class 112, high school& college. Dont forget to check our guide that deals with expository essay on cultural capital as well as 20 topics on this matter for you to choose from. References: Thomas Abel. Cultural Capital in Heath Promotion. Susan A. Dumais. Sociology of Education. Volume 75, No. 1 (Jan.2002). pp. 4468. Eric L. Lesser. (2000). Cultural Capital Essay According to Pierre Bourdieu, the theory of cultural capital refers to the socially inherited economic, political, and cultural resources that inform social life and situate groups apart from one another.

The nature of institutional cultural capital in supporting symbolic value shapes and improves society. This form of cultural capital and the social structure it provides makes for a personally advantaged position (Bourdieu and Wacquant, 1992).

Abstract Emerging from Bourdieus cultural capital theory, many sociologists found a relation between cultural capital and Habitus, the effect they have on childrens educational attainment, and how its brought about from class differences in societies.

In a subsequent writing, The Forms of Capital, in 1983, Bourdieu discussed three interrelated and inextricably linked types of capitaleconomic capital, social capital, and cultural capital.

Cultural capital similarly encompasses three forms: the embodied state, the objectified state, and the institutionalized state. Cultural capital may also act and exist in the form of the objects. This could happen if the objects in themselves presuppose a particular amount of cultural capital that is embodied in it if they are used. The cultural capital can also take an institutional form especially in the societies based on formal education (Eyal, 1998).

Social reproduction is the reproduction of cultural, human, and social capital in society. Therefore languages, traditions, cultural values, education, food security, and social circles are passed down from one generation to the next through Karl Mannheims concept of fresh contact and through society as a whole.

Cultural Capital and Educational Achievement. Posted on April 5, The Marxist sociologist Pierre Bourdieu is the theorist most closely associated with developing the concept of cultural capital and applying it to education. Examples of Cultural Capital in Action. Finally, cultural capital exists in an institutionalized state. This refers to the ways in which cultural capital is measured, certified, and ranked. Academic qualifications and degrees are prime examples of this, as are job titles, religious titles, political offices, and takenforgranted social roles like husband, wife, mother, and father.