Welcome to JMill Wanders! I’m Jenna, a twenty-something living in the oftentimes frozen tundra that is Fargo, North Dakota. I work as a writer and proofreader for a natural health company by day, and by night I’m usually reading, writing, obsessing over nerdy stuff, or preparing for my next adventure.

This blog is still a work in progress, but to get started I’ve answered a few questions below about the blog. Feel free to leave any questions or comments!

Who/What is JMill?
I am JMill! It’s a nickname that I got back in high school and has stuck with me ever since. It’s short for my real name, Jenna Miller. I answer to it more often than my real name, and most of my family and friends call me JMill.

What’s with all the wandering?
I don’t physically wander a lot unless I’m traveling. That being said, I’d like to think that when reading and writing we are wandering through different worlds. Our minds also wander constantly in general. The name of the blog brings together who I am with what I do. Yes, I’ve had a stable job with the same company for 8 years, and I’ve never moved away from the North Dakota/Minnesota border, but I’m still constantly wandering.

What will this blog feature?
My old blog (Lost Generation Reader) was 100% book-related writing. I still intend on keeping up with the bookish world by posting book reviews, hosting book-related giveaways, and participating in reading events/challenges, but this time around I’m adding more. You will also see posts on traveling, writing, various thoughts, and the occasional shenanigan.


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