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Should I send in an art supplementwriting sampleresearch abstractresume to enhance my application? We do not evaluate art supplements (CDs, portfolios, etc) as part of our application evaluation process. If you would like to send in a document to be added to your file, such as an additional writing sample or research abstract, you are Replies to: Optional Arts Supplement Resume# 1.

geekmom Registered User Posts: 2, 106 Senior Member. December 2008. Try these links for sample templates and guidelines. Art Resume Templates Writing an art resume.

0 I suggest sending a hard copy" composite" with your Art Supplement (this will go paper clipped with the Art Supplement form, your art resume, and your letter of rec from an art teacher)on good paper with your full name, date of birth, and the name of your high school designed nicely into the layout somewhere.

You are here: Home Best Resume Templates Resume Samples Top Art Resume Samples& Pro Writing Tips Whether you want a job with the Art supplement resume creative component of being an artist or you want a career more on the technical side, you will need a firstclass resume. Information about Arts Supplement Submission. Section Navigation. Sub Navigation. Admission& Financial Aid. Applying to Amherst. FirstYear Applicants. Apply Online; To initiate that process, you should use the" Add Reference" option available in your SlideRoom online supplement.

If your art recommender is unable to use the Students who wish to highlight their extraordinary talent in the fine or performing artsart practice, dance, music and theatermay submit an Arts Portfolio.

These materials are entirely optional and will be reviewed at the discretion of the Office of Undergraduate Admission and the fine arts faculty. Art: Please note the If you would like to include additional information such as a dance resume or letter of recommendation you can do this via SlideRoom. In the Member Questions section, you must answer the question that begins Do you intend to submit an art supplement in the affirmative.

PERFORMING ARTS RESUME. Content. A performers resume details your experience in a performing arts discipline, your abilities Art supplement resume you have developed a unique performers art genre that incorporates aspects of more than one discipline, and the job you are seeking requires this ability, An Arts Portfolio (formerly called the Arts Supplement) is a way for students to highlight their talents and accomplishments in the fine or performing arts. Stanford applicants with serious interest or background in musical performance, composition or conducting may choose to supplement their admission application with an audition in music.

Supplementary Materials Art Whether or not you wish to major in art as an undergraduate, if you are an advanced visual artist you may consider submitting an art portfolio as part of your application.