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In another words, Political socialization is a concept where the study of the developmental processes by which children and adolescents acquire political cognition, attitudes and behaviors. What people think and how they come to think it is of critical importance to the stability of the government.

Essay on Political Socialization Article shared by Political socialisation is the process by which the values, beliefs and emotions of a political culture are passed on Political Socialization Essay Examples.

6 total results. 2, 285 words. 5 pages. The Importance of Political Socialization. 550 words. 1 page. An Introduction and an Analysis of Political Socialization in the United States. 1, 099 words. 2 pages. Learning About Political Ideas Through Political Socialization. 2, 088 words. 5 pages. Political socialization is a lifelong process starting during childhood but goes through many changes during a persons life.

The many influences that shape a persons values and beliefs are called agents of political socialization. Anything that affects a persons values or beliefs is called an agent of political socialization. Sep 10, 2010 Secondary Socialization: A Reflective Essay Introduction In secondary socialization, or the process of learning how one should act as a part of society and in different situations that occur in that society, there are three agents to be discussed here: school, work, and religion.

The most prominent agents of political socialization are, family, school, work, and the media. Family plays a very important role in politically socializing you, especially in learning Importance of political socialization essay to conduct your social behavior on a daytoday basis. From the time you are an infant your family is politically socializing you. Essay about Where My Political Socialization Comes From 528 Words 3 Pages.

Where My Political Socialization Comes From A lot of things have played a role in my personal political socialization. Political ideology is the places Feb 08, 2010 In addition, we shall look at the background of political socialization, discuss its importance in today's society, identify the factors that influence the process of political socialization and evaluate their relative importance.

Importance of Political Socialization There are many ways that our ideas are shaped and influenced as we grow up. This process by which we develop certain ways of thinking is called political socialization. Socialization is actually two processes in one: 1. ) the process of learning to be competent members of the society, and 2. ) the process of developing oneself. Importance of socialization Socialization is very important to an individual and to society.

Here are some reasons why socialization is important. Human culture is transmitted