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The Direct Method of Teaching English is a way that learners acquire the English language. Developed over 100 years ago, this method is still widely used today. Direct method Innovation in foreign language teaching began in the 19th century and, very rapidly, in the 20th century, leading to a number of different methodologies, sometimes conflicting, each trying to be a major improvement over the last or other contemporary methods. Direct Method and Grammar Translation Method are the two oldest methods for teaching foreign languages.

Grammar Translation Method first appeared in the 18th century and was originally used for teaching old languages like Greek, Latin then failed in teaching communication skills. English Language Teaching Methods Project English Language Essay. Print Reference this.

Disclaimer: or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. DIRECT METHOD. The direct method of teaching, which is sometimes called the natural method, and is often (but not exclusively) used in teaching foreign languages, refrains from using the learners' native language and uses only the target language. Esl Methods Essay ESL Methods English The direct method highlighted the teaching of vocabulary while the audiolingual approach focus on grammar drills Structuralism The structural view to language is the view behind the audiolingual method.

This approach focused on examining how the elements of language related Jun 12, 2011 Direct Method as One of Language Teaching Approaches. Compiled by: 1. Pratiwi Lestari ( ) 2. Rahmedia Alfi Rahmi ( ) 1. Introduction English Language Teaching has been subjected to a tremendous change, especially throughout twentieth century.

Advantages of Direct Method (1) It makes the learning of English interesting and lively by establishing direct bond between a word and its meaning. (2) It is an activity method facilitating alertness and participation of the pupils.