#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks 2017 Challenge


After signing up for the Read Harder and Classic Book-a-Month challenges, I decided I need one more challenge to keep me going in 2017. Read My Own Damn Books is hosted by the lovely Andi of Estella’s Revenge.

This challenge is pretty simple: Read your own damn books! There are no rules in regard to number or how many you’re allowed to purchase in 2017, but the idea is to spend more time reading what you already own and less time reading newly purchased books… or just calm down on purchasing altogether.

I don’t buy nearly as many books as I used to since I finally got over my buying obsession. I now opt for library books, and I intend to continue that trend in 2017 if there’s a book I just can’t wait to read. Otherwise, I’d like most of my book reading to come from my shelves.

I’m cutting my overall reading goal down to 60 books for this year because I want to focus on finishing a couple of my novels. I’d like at least 30 of those books to come from my shelves and the majority of the other 30 to come from the library. In other words, may I find the strength to not purchase many books in 2017, and may this challenge keep me accountable.

I hope some of you sign up and join me. Let me know your goals if you make any pertaining to this challenge, whether you sign up or not.


6 thoughts on “#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks 2017 Challenge

  1. I’m planning to continue Read My Own Damn Books as well. My main goal is to only buy books I’m going to read right away. I’ve stockpiled enough books to last a lifetime. Now I need to get to reading them!

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  2. Oh my god.. I didn’t know this was actually a THING that other people were doing! I have a goal to spend $0 on new books this year (well, aside from two new releases I’m allowed to buy if I feel so moved) so was doing my own “Read what I already own or can get from the library damnit” challenge. Will be nice to join others!

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  3. I really like this challenge idea! My goal is not to stop buying books, since this is one of the few things I do that has the ability to make me happy. Instead, I would like to read the books I own and buy! (I just today bought 17 more. My plan is to read them in 2017! Hey! That’s 17 for ’17! 😆)

    So I am going to try to not go crazy with checking out books from the library. Instead, I hope to read more of what I own. 😊

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  4. I love seeing this. I am personally quite a library expert. I love reading library books, and I find that I am only buying books if the wait is too long, or I have tagged something was “want to own” on Goodreads.

    I hope you are super successful with this challenge! Here’s to reading the books you own and only buying books which will improve your lifestyle.

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