On Stepping Back: A Hiatus Message

My dearest friends,

I’m not much of a consistent talk-about-my-life blogger, but I’m taking to this personal space to declare some much needed personal space.

Please don’t think this means something is wrong. There isn’t anything wrong. I simply need a break from the internet to focus on some life things that I’ve put off for far too long, including my diet, my health in general, book writing, and other vague shit I can’t talk about just yet (again, nothing bad).

A full break is hard to come by considering I do social media and blog stuff at my job, but post-work internet space is better than none. You’ll likely see GoodReads tweets come in since I don’t want to stop reading during this time, but it won’t be as often.

I’m rubbish at sticking to timelines so I really have no idea how long this will last, but if anyone wants/needs to get in touch I’ll still use email/text. If nothing else, I’ll be back for the 24in48 readathon in July. I wouldn’t miss that party.

If you see me come back online quickly it’s because I’m trying but I miss you. If you don’t see me for a while it’s because I miss you but I’m succeeding.

Don’t break the internet in my absence. If you do, find us a better place to play first.

Love and whatever,

P.S. You’re all beautiful, wonderful people. Thanks in advance for understanding.


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