Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Picked Up On A Whim At BEA


Welcome back for another round of Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. You can read more about Top Ten Tuesday and its previous topics here.

Up this week: Books I Picked Up On A Whim

I decided to go with BEA books for this topic since I found so many that I had no intention of picking up, many of which I knew nothing about beforehand.

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1. The Nix by Nathan Hill
Everyone kept talking about this one before and during BEA so I finally grabbed it after seeing the cover (totally judged it). I have a feeling it will get read soon.

2. The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict
I was on the fence with this book when I heard the author talk about it, but it was featured again during Speed Dating and I caved.

3. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
My wonderful Chicago host Beth had this book on her list. It was the one book she wanted most, and once I finally read what it was about I knew I had to have it as well.

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4. I Will Send Rain by Rea Meadows
I kept coming back to this book during Speed Dating and grabbed it at the end. Not sure how I feel about Dust Bowl novels, but it sounds interesting.

5. The Emperor of the Eight Islands by Lian Hearn
This book sounds bloodydamn fascinating. All four books will be released this year, and there’s a sorcerer. I’m in.

6. The Muse by Jessie Burton
I wasn’t going to get this one, even after all the excitement over it, but for whatever reason I picked it up. Must be one of those “You’re already down the rabbit hole with books, might as well keep going” situations. Or maybe it’s the bohemian character. Time will tell.

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7. History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera
I didn’t know this book existed, but I own another Adam Silvera book and have heard good things. I also didn’t grab nearly as many YA books as I wanted so this got picked up during Speed Dating.

8. The Terranauts by T.C. Boyle
I’ve never read T.C. Boyle. This is one of those “FOR SCIENCE!” situations. Also, Julianne made me. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

9. Sun Moon Earth by Tyler Nordgren
Julianne also convinced me to get this book. Space stuff is cool.

10. Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn
The author sold me on her book with an elevator pitch during her stage chat with a couple other authors. The other authors didn’t do as great of a job, but she crushed it.


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Picked Up On A Whim At BEA

  1. I grabbed Here Come the Sun because of her talk, too! So excited. Shaina has already been saying great things. I missed snagging A Gentleman in Moscow; will be interested to hear your thoughts. I didn’t read Rules of Civility, which has caused many a gasp in my general direction.

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  2. Man, that cover for The Muse is so much prettier than the cover for the ARC we got. Ha! My husband has already stolen my copy of A Gentleman in Moscow and says it’s really good. I can’t wait!! Glad you had a good time and happy I could host you! 🙂


  3. I’ve been hearing lots of rumblings about The Nix – it’s on my radar, but I’m trying to cut back on my ARCs so I will wait for some other bloggers to read it first! And I loved Rules of Civility, so am so looking forward to the new Amor Towles. I also have Here Comes the Sun, so was really glad to hear good things coming out of BEA about it. Sounds like ya’ll had a blast!

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    • It baffles me how many wonderful books are always on the list to come out soon. Never enough time to read even half of the ones I want, but I feel fortunate to have the chance to get so many of them. I hope you enjoy Here Comes the Sun! It’s one of the next books on my list.


  4. I love Dust Bowl novels (almost any novel really tied to the land does), and I hadn’t heard about that one! So thank you!

    I keep seeing Here Comes the Sun everywhere post-BEA, and it is one that I’ll like pick up now.

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