Dewey’s 24 Hour #Readathon Mid-Event Survey


Hello, friends! I’m a little late with this post due to a sushi feast with a friend, but I’ve made it halfway through  Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! I haven’t taken a nap since I’m not a good nap taker so I’m sure I’ll go to bed at some point, but we’ll see how things go. For now, I’m ready to keep on rocking and reading.


Now, time for a mid-event survey…

1. What are you reading right now?
I’m about to start Notorious RBG by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik.

2. How many books have you read so far?
I have read five books so far, including three volumes of comics, one book of poetry, and one novel.

3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon?
I have high hopes for RBG so I’m looking forward to my next read. I have a couple more volumes of comics on deck that I’m also excited to read.

4. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those?
My biggest break was for sushi, but otherwise it’s mostly been bathroom breaks and breaks for readathon challenges and commenting on other social sites.

5. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far?
I’m always surprised by the number of participants, and I love that the number grows each round. The people are amazing!

How is everyone else doing so far? I look forward to more posts and pictures throughout the rest of the event. Now, time for a few hours with RBG.


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