Bout of Books “Would You Rather” Challenge


Welcome to day two of Bout of Books! Today’s challenge is a fun one called Would You Rather. It’s hosted by Writing My Own Fairy Tale and involves answering five bookish questions. The questions and my answers are below.

1. Would you rather lend books to someone who dog-ears pages or to someone who reads with cheesy Cheetos fingers?
Dog-ears. People don’t usually dog-ear every single page, but every page could get Cheetos on it.

2. Would you rather be able to meet one character of your choice or meet one author of your choice?
One author. Sometimes the author is the character. Also, I’d be able to narrow down which author I want to meet before I’d be able to narrow down a character.

3. Would you rather never be allowed in a bookstore again or never be allowed in a library again?
I’m tempted to go with library, mainly because I’m in bookstores far more often than libraries. Then again, perhaps being blocked from bookstores will reinstate my library love and save me money. Fine, I choose bookstore. Send me to the library!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-978-1389826384-10 tumblr_inline_mvlio8Zg3O1rnm03c

4. Would you rather have to choose one of your favorite characters to die in their book or have to pick one of your favorite couples to break up in their book?
I don’t like imagining characters post-death, but I can imagine them post-romance. I’d rather they live with a broken heart that can be mended.

5. Would you rather be required to read Twilight once a year for the rest of your life or The Scarlet Letter once a year for the rest of your life?
I haven’t read The Scarlet Letter yet, but I’m not interested in reading Twilight again. Also, Twilight is twice as long. I choose The Scarlet Letter.



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