#RockMyTBR Reading Challenge


Happy 2016, friends! I hope you all brought in the new year in whatever fashion you enjoy. For me, that meant a couple glasses of wine at home, Chinese food, finishing up my reread of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and watching a couple episodes on Netflix. Today is a full day with a late step-family Christmas, a wedding dinner for a friend, and possibly something with my other step-family for a birthday. (Yes, there’s a lot of step-family.)

Since this is a book blog, it’s only natural that I have a couple reading challenges for 2016. I already posted about the Popsugar Reading Challenge, but one is never enough. The #RockMyTBR Challenge is one I desperately need. My shelves aren’t organized well enough to share pictures, but trust that I have more books than I need, and so many of them are unread. Rock My TBR is going to hopefully help with that.

The challenge is hosted by The YA Book Traveler and involves reading at least one book each month that I already own. To up the game, I decided to make this FIVE books per month. My Goodreads Challenge is set at reading 100 books this year, so if a little over half of those books come from my at-home stacks I’ll be happy.

I don’t have a set list for this challenge since I have far too many books to choose from, but I’ll make note of books that fall under this challenge as I read them. Hope to see some of you join the rest of us. Rock that TBR!



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