Harry Potter Readalong Master Post


The lovely ladies of The Estella Society have decided to put on an event called Harry Potter Binge: A Free Range Readalong. It’s free range because there really aren’t any rules apart from the event going on from November 1st to January 31st. I can’t turn down anything Harry Potter related, and I’ve been overdue for a reread of the books for ages, so this is perfect. Sign up for the event here.


While it isn’t a requirement to read all seven books, that’s my plan. I also hope to watch the movies again in some kind of binge marathon with friends. I may also read through some other Harry Potter related books, depending on time. I’ll be deep in National Novel Writing Month in November, so I probably won’t start this party until December.

Hope to see some of you posting under the #PotterBinge tag. It’s going to be a marvelous event. Witches be crazy.

Happy Potter reading to all participants!



3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Readalong Master Post

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