Austen in August Swag Giveaway

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you all for signing up and for your responses! I will email a winner today and announce them on the blog once I hear back from them. Cheers!


I hope everyone is enjoying Austen in August so far! Many thanks again to Adam for being a marvelous host.

I was originally going to bring back some Austen swag from my brief time in Bath a couple months ago, but I didn’t get to the museum before closing time and we were only there for one day. Instead, my friend got a tattoo while I got an autographed Ian McEwan novel from a bookstore. We may have also consumed a lot of cider and hung out on Jane’s doorstep to make up for missing the museum. Maybe.

Anyway, I’m here to give something away, and you’re here to win. Let’s get to the details.

The Giveaway:
One winner will receive any Austen-related “swag” item from Etsy or Out of Print. The item can be worth up to $20 (not including shipping cost).

The Rules:
1. You must be an Austen in August participant.
2. You do not have to be a follower of my blog to enter.
3. No restrictions on location. This is an international giveaway.
4. Winner will be selected using

To register, comment on this post with the following:
1. Your favorite Austen character and/orΒ  book. (Explaining why is always appreciated, but not required.)
2. A link to the item you want to win (or items if you can’t decide).
3. Your email address so I can contact you if you win.

The giveaway is open from August 13th (12:01 am EST) to August 18th (11:59 pm EST). I will select a winner on August 19th. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email. If there is no response by that time, I will pick again.

Best of luck to everyone!


25 thoughts on “Austen in August Swag Giveaway

  1. I’ve read all of Austen’s novels and Persuasion remains my favorite. I love that Anne becomes her own person and stands up to the pressure her family places on her. We get to see her fight for what she believes and for the man she’s loved for years.

    I love this print and think it would go perfectly in my soon-to-be nursery (I’m due in January with a girl!)

    avidreader25 (at)


  2. My all time favorite Romance book is Pride & Prejudice. This was the first book I read of Jane Austen and I read it at least once a year. I also love Sense & Sensibility. I watch the movie several times a year. I love all the characters!!! In fact, I find all of Jane Austen’s characters to be lifelike.

    I would love one of the totes, I have a passion for totes!!!!

    Judy Cox

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  3. I can’t say who my favourite is because I haven’t read enough Austen. Can you give me a pass? πŸ˜› I’ve read Pride and Prejudice and remember enjoying it, and I am quite amazed at how Mr. Darcy seems to be quite a favourite!

    (PS I adore this shirt. I have liked this store for a while so a quick search of course revealed there is some Austen in there πŸ˜‰

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  4. My favorite Jane Austen book is Sense and Sensibility. It was the first one I read and I love the characters of Marianne and Elinor. I see something of myself in both of them, although it is with Marianne I identify most. When I take the “Which Jane Austen character are you?” quizzes, I always get Marianne.

    I’m not sure what I would pick if I win. SO much to choose from! My eye did light on these items though…

    or this:

    Gosh, I love Etsy!!!

    Thanks so much for the chance. I’m signed up for Austen in August under thetruebookaddict.
    email: truebookaddict AT gmail DOT com

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  5. I’m a Mr. Darcy fan, but not because of a belief in him as some sort of a magical romantic hero–though that works for me! I like him because he’s like me, spending time at the sidelines of the party because he’s uncomfortable, and getting the reputation of being aloof as a result. He blurts out the wrong thing, and others willfully misunderstand him, yet he’s a good guy. If they just took the time to get to know him and accept him the way he is, they’d realize he’s loyal and giving to a fault. That’s me!

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  6. What a fabulous giveaway!

    My favorite character is Catherine from Northanger Abbey. I can relate to her as being a little unworldly and naive. And I’ve been known to make mistakes or assumptions because of it, just like her. And the way that Henry was secretly preparing that little cottage for them…sigh…that just melts my heart.

    So, I would love either one of these Northanger Abbey mugs…

    (Of course with the title Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen) Or…

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