#FlashReadathon Weekend

Hi all! I’m back in America after my European adventure. I will be posting trip stories and pictures in the coming weeks, but for now I need to get back to the bookish side of life.


I only read one book on vacation due to keeping busy and a general lack of motivation to read (shameful, I know). Because of this I have decided to participate in #flashreadathon this weekend. It’s a very laid back readathon with no rules or time limits – just read and have fun! Many thanks for Shaina Reads for getting this going.

I hope to work on Gone With the Wind for that reading event, and I’ll also get started on another 20 Books of Summer read as well. I’m still trying to catch up on life after being away for three weeks, and I have some early Father’s Day shenanigans tomorrow, so we’ll see how this goes. Either way, I’m excited to be reading again.

What are you reading this weekend?


4 thoughts on “#FlashReadathon Weekend

  1. Welcome Back! can’t imagine feeling bad about not reading when you’re in such beauty πŸ™‚
    Doing a quick stop in London tomorrow morning myself as BBC Radio 2 is interviewing me to debut my son’s band THE PAST – excited for that!
    Then back to weekend reading currently After the War is Over by Canadian author Jennifer Robson [more London ] for audiobook month and #20booksofsummer

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  2. Every weekend should be a readathon! Currently finishing The Rival Queens, a history book that’s as much fun as a historical romp! And starting The Lay of the Land by Richard Ford as part of my Great American Novel challenge. While for a bit of light relief I’ve also just started Mark Billingham’s Time of Death – looking good so far. Have a great weekend!

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