Hiatus: Europe Edition

The time has come! I’m heading to Europe tonight for a couple weeks with my best friend. My itinerary is below, and I’ll write more about it all when I get back, but just know that I’m going to be fangirling at Harry Potter studios, the Doctor Who Exhibition, Versailles, Windsor, and many other exciting places. I also get to return to one of my favorite places, Bath. Oh, and my friend is looking forward to the One Direction concert. I’m not so much looking forward to that part, but I’m determined to be a trooper.

My Itinerary
June 1: Depart Minneapolis
June 2-5: London, England
June 5-6: Bath, England
June 6-7: Cardiff, Wales
June 7-11: Paris, France
June 11-14: Munich, Germany
June 14-16: Salzburg, Austria
June 16-17: Paris, France
June 17: Home!

I’ll be back in the blog world on June 18. Can’t wait to share some photos and stories with you all.



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