JMill Wanders: A New Blogging Journey

Welcome to JMill Wanders! I’m excited to be starting a new blogging journey as the itch to write about more than books grows. I know I can write about anything I want no matter what my blog is called, but my old site felt a little limiting all the same. So, here we are. Thanks for joining me!

I have moved over about half of my posts from Lost Generation Reader. Everything else is sitting in a private setting either because it’s from my very first blog back in 2010 with some rather hideous content, or because it’s one of those posts for a reading event or bookish challenge that I failed to do anything with… you know, like I do.

I’ve answered a few questions below to give you and idea of what this blog will contain, what it won’t, etc. Please feel free to leave any questions or thoughts in the comment section.

What’s staying the same?
Books! I will still be writing about books, participating in challenges and readathons, and hosting giveaways. The following events and challenges will continue: Gone with the Wind Reading Event, TBR Pile Challenge, and Top Ten Tuesday. I will also keep up with The Classics Club, but…

What’s changing?
The Classics Club is getting a facelift! Anyone who read the old blog knows that I get behind on writing book reviews. While I have read a large amount of books from my Classics Club list, I don’t see myself going back to review them. Because of this, I’m making a new list with the goal of reviewing the book right after I read it… as it should be. We’ll see how this goes, but I figured a fresh start was necessary at this point.

I got rid of a couple projects from the earlier blog. I am no longer paying attention to the Rory Gilmore Reading List, and I’ve stopped my Hemingway project, mostly because I never really got started apart from reading some of his books. I’ll still read from Rory’s list, and I’ll forever love Hemingway, but I know I won’t do anything with them blog-wise, so I decided to let them go.

As previous stated, I wanted to have a blog where I can write about anything I want and have it still fit with my overall theme. JMill Wanders allows me to do that. You’ll also find posts about travel, writing, random shenanigans, and various thoughts that pop into my head. In short, this blog is an amalgam for wandering.

Who/What is JMill?
I am JMill! It’s a nickname that I got back in high school and has stuck with me ever since. It’s short for my real name, Jenna Miller. I answer to it more often than my real name, and most of my family and friends call me JMill.

What’s with all the wandering?
I don’t physically wander a lot unless I’m traveling. That being said, I’d like to think that when reading and writing we are wandering through different worlds. Our minds also wander constantly in general. The name of the blog brings together who I am with what I do. Yes, I’ve had a stable job with the same company for 7 years, and I’ve never moved away from the North Dakota/Minnesota border, but I’m still constantly wandering.


10 thoughts on “JMill Wanders: A New Blogging Journey

  1. The tardiness of my comment here is evidence of how VERY VERY far behind in blog reading I am these days… but I love the new blog approach! Good for you for letting go of things that aren’t working and finding what does. I love reading book bloggers’ thoughts on non-bookish things, so looking forward to following along. Just as soon as I dig further out of the Feedly hole I’ve built myself. šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t done a lot with the blog yet so it still feels brand new. I also get behind on reading other people’s blogs so I completely understand that side of it! Thanks for stopping by. šŸ™‚


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