A Magic Dark and Bright Review


Title: A Magic Dark and Bright
Jenny Adams Perinovic
Young Adult, Gothic Romance
Source: ARC from author
Published Date: April 28, 2015

four stars

Overview (Amazon):

 She meant to help a ghost…not unleash a curse.

Amelia Dupree hasn’t seen the Woman in White since the night her brother died.

The ghost seems to have disappeared from the woods surrounding Asylum, Pennsylvania—that is, until Charlie Blue moves into the creepy old MacAllister House next door. Amelia can’t help liking him, even though she spent her childhood thinking his grandmother was a witch. And she definitely can’t ignore the connection between his arrival and the Woman in White’s return.

Then Amelia learns that the Woman in White is a prisoner, trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. Devastated by the idea that her brother could be suffering a similar fate, Amelia decides to do whatever it takes to help the Woman in White find peace–and Charlie agrees to help her.

But when Amelia’s classmates start to drown in the Susquehanna River, one right after another, rumors swirl as people begin to connect the timing of Charlie’s arrival with the unexplained deaths. As Charlie and Amelia uncover the dark history of Asylum, they realize they may have unleashed an unspeakable evil. One they have to stop before everything they love is destroyed.

A Magic Dark and Bright by Jenny Adams Perinovic is some serious shit, and I mean that in a good way because I’m left impressed. At first it reads like one of those damaged-girl-meets-mysterious-boy books where it’s more about them being romantic and adorable than it is about the girl being damaged or the boy being mysterious. Well, this isn’t like those other books. This book is legit.


A lot happens in this book, including teenage romance, mysterious deaths, paranormal activity, magic, and the golden moments of comic relief. The surface is only scratched with many of these, but there are more books to come so that’s to be expected. At any rate, the one has me hooked.

The overview explains the plot well enough, but let me add that the moment you think something is going one way, it goes another. While I figured out a couple things before they happened, other parts completely snuck up on me. Like the part nearing the end with Amelia… and Charlie… and their feelings… and magic…


Also, remember feeling bad for Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when someone would get petrified and everyone thought it was Harry because he was ALWAYS in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well, that happens a lot in this book. Not the petrified part, but the other bit. I wanted to shake Amelia and Charlie and say, “Don’t go anywhere ever!” But, also like Harry, being in these wrong places at these wrong times brought the story to a resolve of sorts, even if only a partial one.

This is not a spoiler since it’s essentially in the overview…
Speaking of the wrong place at the wrong time, quite a few people die in this book. It probably gets to the point where the townspeople are like “Oh, another river drowning? Tell me something new.” I won’t go into details, but I promise there’s a reason for it and it’s crazy and unexpected.

If you’re wondering about the characters, they’re great. I tend to have an anti-protagonist complex because they oftentimes annoy me, so I wasn’t overly fond of Amelia, but this might just be me. That being said, her counterpart Charlie is total book boyfriend material who continues to surprise, and her best friend Leah is the ideal sidekick. Oh, and there’s also this Woman in White character with an intense history. She’s kind a of a big deal.

I could write a lot more about A Magic Dark and Bright, but I’m going to stop for now and pretend I know what’s coming next when I really have no idea. I’m left with some questions at the end, but I think those will be covered in time with the next book. So, in conclusion…



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