Jane Eyre Read-Along Master Post


Welcome to the master post for the Jane Eyre Read-Along! This event is being hosted by A Night’s Dream of Books and Babbling Books. Participants will read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte from September 22nd to November 21st. Visit their blogs for more details on reading dates.

Each week will involve a series of questions for participants to answer. I’ve always been very hit and miss on being dedicated to a weekly update, but I’ll do my best to keep on track with the blogging side of the event. To start, I have answered the initial three questions as posed by the marvelous event hosts.

What do you know about this novel and its author?
I know a few random factoids about Charlotte Bronte such as her writing under a pseudonym (Currer Bell). Her sisters also wrote under pseudonyms (Ellis and Acton Bell). I know that the book received a fair amount of criticism for the darker tones, but it also received a lot of praise.

Have you ever read it before, or is this your first reading?
I read the book previously in 2011. I’m participating in the reread because the book version as become fuzzy for me after watching a movie version more times than I can count.

Have you seen any of the TV or movie versions?
I have seen the 2011 movie version, and I admit to reading the book initially because the movie was about to come about. This happens a lot with books due to the increase of book-to-film adaptations, and I rarely regret it. I won’t talk too much about my thoughts on the book since those will come, but I will say that I’m in favor of the novel as well as the author. More to come on that.

Here is the edition of the book I’ll be reading:


Happy reading to everyone participating!


5 thoughts on “Jane Eyre Read-Along Master Post

  1. Thanks so much for participating!

    The criticism over the dark aspects is indeed indeed interesting. As I progress through the book they are evidently there.

    I love the artwork on the cover of this edition.


  2. This is my favorite classic novel! It contains such a richness of meaning, making it much more than just a romance novel.

    I have yet to see the 2011 film version, but I definitely have it in my Amazon wish list, and intend to watch it at some point during this read-along.

    By the way, I love the cover of the edition you’re reading!

    Thanks so much for participating, as well as for your compliment for Brian and myself!! : )


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