Jane Austen Swag Giveaway (#AustenInAugustLGR)

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Hello, Austenites! We’ve been at Austen in August for a week now. How is everyone doing? Having fun? Meeting your goals? Visiting other blogs? I hope all of the above. I’ve made it through Among the Janeites by Deborah Yaffe, so you can expect a post soon on that. Here is my list of other books I’m planning on reading this month:

Longbourn by Jo Baker
by Jane Austen
A Jane Austen Education
by William Deresiewicz
The Real Jane Austen (A Life of Small Things) by Paula Byrne
Old Friends and New Fancies by Sybil Brinton

Rapunzel reads

Without further delay… GIVEAWAY TIME!

The lovely Wendi Sotis is giving away $20 to CafePress to use on Jane Austen swag. Please visit her blog to enter the giveaway. You will have until August 10 to enter.


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