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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Austen in August reading event! This one-month event centers around everything Jane Austen. This includes her own work, re-imaginings, biographies, critical texts, etc. Many thanks to Adam for creating this event two years ago, and for allowing me to take it over this year while he focuses on his studies and work. I wasn’t sure how this would go at first with a different blog hosting the event, but the sign-up post resulted in a massive response. So let me just say thank you to everyone for signing up and spreading the word.

Per tradition, this event will include a month full of giveaways, guest posts, and my own Austen-related reviews and posts. Before we get started, here are the logistics.

You’ll find a “Mister Linky” widget at the bottom of this post. I ask that you link any Austen in August reviews and posts on that page. Please include the title or subject of your post AND your blog name in the “Name” section of the link. Here’s an example:

Review of Persuasion (Lost Generation Reader)”

This will ensure that all the links are in a similar format, and that others will know what your post is about before they click on it. I will make sure that the button on the left side of my blog will take you to this post. Please make sure to only link-up your posts on this main list!

Linking your posts makes you eligible for prizes that I will be giving away throughout the month. I need to see that you’re participating, so linking up posts is essential. A qualified post includes book reviews, commentary on Austen topics, giveaways, or any other Austen-related posts that you’ve written throughout this event. So, in short, POSTING = PRIZES!

Other bloggers will also be hosting giveaways on their blogs (thank you for your genorosity!). Specific giveaway details may vary, so be sure to read the rules on those posts carefully and enter if you are interested. You must be pre-registered (by August 3rd) in order to win prizes.

Please use #AustenInAugustLGR to chat about this event on social media.

Link-Up Your Posts Below:

I hope you are all as excited as I am! Let’s get our Austen on!

My first book will be Among the Janeites by Deborah YaffeWhat’s yours?


54 thoughts on “Austen in August: Master Post (#AustenInAugustLGR)

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  3. I’m starting off with Mansfield Park (reread for 200th anniversary), The List Lovers Guide to Jane Austen by Joan Strasbaugh and I started listening to Longbourn by Jo Baker

    I loved Among the Janeites (and not just because I know Deborah) I can’t wait to see what you think about it.


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  5. *waves hallo!*

    Everyone I am just as stoked, happy, and elated for *Austen in August* to come around as August is quite the exciting month for me! I am starting my second year as a book blogger, and therefore, Austen in August was and is the very first book blogosphere event I am participating in per annum! Wicked sweet, eh!?

    I added my Master Post to the linky which outlines what I am going to be reading! And, why I decided not to read “Sense & Sensibility” but elected instead to read a re-telling and as I’m participating in a RAL for “Persuasion” with “Reading is Fun Again” RAL of Austen I am going to read “Emma”! 🙂

    I decided to keep a bit from last year, and walk forward anew at the same time! Eventually, one of these Austen in August events, all of the books I’ve picked out to read will be explored, examined, and hopefully devoured most delishly! 🙂


      • Thanks! 🙂

        I fetched all the books I want to read by setting up a queue at my library tonight as I polished the Master Post! 🙂 Actually, my blogoversary was in March; but I appreciate the happy smile & celebratory cheer all the same! I count August as my “blog’s birthday” as it was the month my blog was bourne so to speak. I simply worked on it behind the scenes from March to August; hence I celebrate the blogoversary in March rather than August. I’m sure this only matters to me, but I wanted to honour all the work I put into it originally. Once I get my posts together this month, I think it will make more sense! 🙂

        I cannot wait honestly — for this event to get kicked off! I want to visit more blogs this year, plus, I want to read a heap as well — August will be full of bookish love not only for this event but for hosting blog tours — happily one ‘fits’ the event! That was quite serendipitous!

        I look forward to seeing you! Cheers!


  6. Happy Austen in August everyone. Very excited to be back with lots of familiar, friendly faces.
    I’m just finishing off a French classic for Paris in July, then I plan on getting stuck into Sense and Sensibility for the 3rd time!
    Looking forward to visiting all your posts soon 🙂


  7. I completely forgot to mention that I host a weekly tweetchat: #ChocLitSaturdays via which is centered & focused on *Romance!* I’d love to have new appreciators drop-in and share the love of our bookish adventures! Readers & Writers of Romance across the wide gambit of the genre are welcome! From classical Romance lovers to Contemporary, it is one wicked sweet hour on Saturday mornings/afternoons! I go live by 11am NYC / 4pm London. I will add this to my Master Post lateron today & talk about it a bit more, but if you see this *today!* join us! Don’t be shy — all are welcome! Topics vary, all books & novelists of Romance are open to be chatted about & discussed! 🙂


  8. I’m 100 pages into The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things and really enjoying it. Can’t wait to read about others’ discoveries.


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  11. I’m really excited to get going! There’s so many interesting Austen-related books that it’s hard to pick just a few, but I’m going to do the unoriginal thing and start with Mansfield Park, to celebrate the anniversary. 😀


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  15. Ahhhh, just heard about this! Perfect timing as I was planning to begin a massive re-read of all Austen’s novels, some of which I haven’t read since I was fifteen or so. Can’t wait to get stuck in!


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  18. Hello! This is my first Austen in August! I am enjoying my time spent immensely. Thanks to Sharon Faith Hope and Cherry Tea:-)
    My first book completed was Georgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anne Elliott. I enjoyed it very much, the daily entries of Georgiana’s day an her falling in love. I recommend this comfortable read. So I decided to purchase the next book in the series Pemberley at Waterloo by Anne Elliott i am very close to finishing it again, i love this book. Its day to day accounts of how the characters lived and interacted daily.


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  26. I reread (or rather listened to) Northanger Abbey and linked to an old review (hope that’s all right – didn’t have anything new to add. 🙂 ) but updated the post with the Austen in August button and link. My other two books were new to me, though: Dear Mr. Knightly (which I LOVED) and Just Jane, A Novel of Jane Austen’s Life. I just started listening to Persuasion, another revisit, and will see if I cna complete it before the challenge ends – though it may be into next week some time.


    • I saw at the end of this post the part about being pre-registered by August 3rd – I hope that refers to the first sign-up post. I did that but didn’t get back over to post links or reviews til today.


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