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Welcome to the sign-up post for Austen in August, an annual reading event celebrating one of literature’s most well-known and celebrated writers! As many of you know, this event was inspired by a Twitter conversation between three founders of The Classics Club. That being said, this event wouldn’t exist and be what it is today without Adam of Roof Beam Reader. He took this massive event on two years ago and continued the fun last year. Because of his insanely hectic life of pursuing a Ph.D., along with several other endeavors that would take a lot of space to list (read more at his blog), he had to put aside this project and most of his blogging in general. Like many others (everyone), this was very sad news for me to hear, but the blogging must go on.

Now, I am a huge (HUGE) fan of this reading event. I participated the first two years and had a fabulous time with the other bloggers involved. The last thing I wanted was for this event to not happen, so I messaged Adam on a whim, and here I am now, hosting Austen in August. I don’t intend on changing anything about this event considering it’s perfect just as Adam created it. As I see it, we have a slightly different image and a different blog address, but the event will be just as fun as the previous two events. I can’t wait to get started come August 1st! Please read on for more information about Austen and this reading event.

So, why is Ms. Austen so interesting? Pemberely explains:

Jane Austen is very resistant to being classified as part of a literary “school”, or being placed in any customarily-defined literary period — partly because none of the obvious available terms, “18th-century, “Romantic”, or “Victorian”, would appropriately describe her. Almost all of the major figures who were literarily active in the period 1800-1837, and who are currently deemed worthy of remembering (i.e. are “canonized”), fall into one of a few categories — either they launched their literary careers before 1800 (Burney, Edgeworth); or they were part of the Romantic movement (or were more or less strongly influenced by romanticism, or wrote in self-conscious reaction to romanticism); or they did most of their writing and publishing after 1837 (e.g. Dickens). Jane Austen is the conspicuous exception who does not fit into any of these categories.

The goal for Austen in August is to read as many Austen-related books as you want during the month of August. This includes any of her novels, biographies about her, or any contemporary re-imaginings (such as Austenland or The Jane Austen Book Club, for example). Re-reads also count. I will post throughout the month on different Austen topics as well as my own book reviews, and I encourage you all to do the same. All posts will help you qualify for prizes, which I’ll explain in a later post! I hope that some participants will be interested in writing guest posts or hosting giveaways on their own blogs.

If you are interested in hosting a giveaway or providing a guest post, please CLICK HERE

If you want to sign-up for Austen in August, simply leave a comment stating such! Feel free to also include what book/s you hope to read during this event. I may re-read Persuasion, but this year my main focus will be on nonfiction and re-imaginings.

Please also post the button somewhere on your blog (maybe an announcement post or in your blog’s side-bar) so that we can spread the word, gather excitement, and encourage participation.  The more of us reading Austen together, the better! 

Sign-ups are open throughout the month of July.  If you sign-up after July 31st, you can still participate, but may not be eligible for some of the early giveaway prizes.

To Share/Discuss on Twitter, Use Hashtag #AustenInAugustLGR (I’m following Adam’s lead with including my blog initials for the hashtag to distinguish our event from others that may be circling the internet.)


170 thoughts on “Austen in August: Sign-Up Post (#AustenInAugustLGR)

  1. I will participate, but I might only get to read one Austen. I’ve never read her work, so here’s a good reason to start! I’m going to read Pride & Prejudice.


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  3. I think I want in on this deal… I just seen your post (I have been so out of the loop lately!) I will probably pick up Jayne Eyre, a book I have tried to read many times and have never finished….my last attempt was last summer and it was going well and then I became busy with other books and sat it down… AGAIN. I was thinking that I may have made it that time 🙂


  4. Sooo ready to start this challenge! I’m going to start with Emma, then Persuasion, maybe re-read Sense & Sensibility. Thanks for hosting this!


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  8. Wasn’t sure if I was officially signed up. I think I commented on Adams post a few weeks ago but I’m commenting here just to make sure you’ve got me.
    This will be my second Austen in August and my second Austen book. Last year I read Northanger Abbey, this time Pride and Prejudice.


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  11. I was just informed about Austen in August, I love any excuse to read Austen. Thank you, now to make out my reading list. :0)


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  13. Hi Jenna – Count me in too! I am just finishing up a post on Pride and Prejudice so this is perfect timing.

    Thanks for hosting this event.

    I have just discovered your blog and have been reading some of your posts. Your reviews are super! I actually stopped reading your post on Pride and Prejudice when I noticed that your favorite character is the subject of my post. I do not want to inadvertently copy your ideas!

    I will be regularly visiting in the future.


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  16. I signed up in July, but I forgot to post the books I’m reading – sorry Jenna! Right now, I’m almost finished with the P&P variation “Sincerely Yours” by Robin Helm. I’ll post the review on my blog soon. Next, I’ll be reading “The Trouble With Horses” by Elizabeth Ann West, another P&P variation. I might get three books in, but we’ll see. Sometimes life gets in the way of my reading, lol. Thanks again for hosting this event!


    • Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Wendi! I’ve enjoyed our correspondence, and it looks like you have quite a few people interested in that gift card.

      I haven’t read those variations, but they sound like they’d be worth checking out. 🙂


  17. I know I’m a little late but I thought I had already signed up. I’ll post something a little later on my blog. I’ve already read Emma this month and I’m onto Sense and Sensibility and I’m hoping to either read another Austen or a biography as well. My review of Emma should be up soon, maybe tomorrow.


  18. Oops, I signed up on the wrong post. Just commenting here to make sure I’m definitely signed up. I’ll be rereading Lady Susan and Mansfield Park, and perhaps Sense and Sensibility and Emma if I get round to them.


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  20. I just discovered this event through a blog I follow. What a great idea!! I’ve begun re-reading “Pride and Prejudice.” I look forward to participating and hope I’ll get a chance to post on my blog about it. Thank you for hosting!



  21. I’m late joining the group, but have been reading Austen and Austen-related books and articles already this month. I’m reading “Sense & Sensibility”, which I have not read before.


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