Austen In August Reading Event


Welcome to Austen In August! This reading event is being hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader. He started this reading event last year with success and praise. As much as I loved Austen before, I hadn’t read most of her work, so last year I made it my mission to read the remaining novels and pieces that I’d been putting off for far too long.

This time I’m going back to Pride and Prejudice as well as Sense and Sensibility, the only Austen novels I had read prior to last year. I’m also going to read A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz to get another perspective on the Austen reading experience. I am keeping my list at just three books this year because I am also participating in Greene for Gran, an event hosted by Simon at Savidge Reads. I’ll share my thoughts on the books as I finish them.


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Let’s get our Austen on!

Participants: What will you be reading for the event?


One thought on “Austen In August Reading Event

  1. Back to basics, I like it. I just finished Northanger Abbey, as well as a modern p&p adaptation called First Wrong Impressions. I’m also planning to read Asking the Janites, which is about the world of Austen fans. Should be interesting. I read Persuasion a few months ago, and wish I saved it for this event, because it’s my favorite Austen to date!


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