Austen in August: A Reading Event

Welcome to Austen in August! This reading event is being hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader. Adam was the first book blogger I started following when I began my blogging journey a couple years ago. He has hosted and participated in several reading events. I’m excited to read along with him and other blogging friends for my first reading event.

I became most interested in Jane Austen when I visited her home in Chawton as well as her museum in Bath in 2010. Part of my class assignment was to write a travel essay, and I wrote mine on Austen. I also had my creative work set in Bath. As much as I love her personal story, I have only read Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility. I hope to read as much Austen as possible this month.

I will write a review for each book as well as additional posts about Austen and my Austen-related England travels, including pictures. I will also be hosting a giveaway August 17-20. The giveaway will include some Austen swag that I picked up in England as well as an Austen book of choice. Details will be given on August 17, so be sure to check back.

My Austen in August Schedule:
August 1-2: Love and Freindship
August 3-5: Northanger Abbey
August 6-8: Persuasion
August 9-12: Emma
August 13-16 Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sanditon
August 17-20: Swag & Book Giveaway
August 17-24: Mansfield Park
August 25-31: Final reviews and posts
Final post here

Let’s get our Austen on!

Participants: What will you be reading for the event?


14 thoughts on “Austen in August: A Reading Event

  1. Which one is your favorite, Jenna? P&P or S&S? Mine is Sense and Sensibility. 🙂

    PS — Northanger Abbey is HYSTERICAL. And you really should read Radcliffe at some point, if you haven’t. The book she spoofs in Northanger Abbey is The Mysteries of Udolpho. I ♥ Radcliffe!


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